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Venue Coordinators are the same thing as Wedding Planners, right? Well...

Congratulations on your engagement! Have you been visiting venues, or researching online? Some venues have Venue Coordinators. Does this mean you don't need a wedding planner? Not really! Here's a Do and Don'ts list to learn more...

  • Venue Coordinator: This wonderful person is your go-to source for all venue-related questions. They are the expert in everything their venue has to offer -what rentals they offer, if they allow pets, how loud the DJ can be and many other things. A venue coordinator is NOT a wedding planner/coordinator. Their responsibilities are numerous and extremely valuable! But. these typically do not include:

  • Running the rehearsal

  • Send a detailed timeline to all of your vendors, from the very start of the day until your grand exit

  • Talking about whether or not to do a first look

  • How to finesse seating the relatives who might not be the best of friends

  • Calling and interviewing florists/caterers/bartenders/and so on (although they may provide a preferred vendor list)

  • Reviewing all vendor contracts

  • Budget management for the entire event

  • Setting up decor

  • Cutting the cake

  • Being the main point of contact for all vendors on your wedding day

  • Answering questions about invitations

  • Following up on RSVP's

  • Creating seating charts/escort cards

  • Deciding the order of events

  • Planning your rehearsal dinner and other wedding weekend activities

This is why hiring a wedding planner is so important! Your planner and the venue coordinator will communicate closely and partner seamlessly to create your perfect day!

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