Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?
Your wedding planner will have connections with vendors who are trustworthy, reliable, professional and amazing at what they do. Maybe you're looking for a caterer, a baker, a DJ or a photographer. By touching base prior to the wedding, your planner can see how all of the vendors can work together and use their strengths to produce the wedding of your dreams.

No drama please! Your wedding planner can help deal with family dynamics that might cause you stress. 

Oh, those pesky RSVPs: Your planner can follow up on those RSVP's that were "lost in the mail," so you don't have to!

"I'll just do it tomorrow"...sometimes you just can't, though! Your planner can encourage you to make decisions early so that you get the best vendors to support your vision before they are booked for your date. Planning early gives you options. Your planner can give you deadlines and reminders or take on the tasks that you don't want to do.

Beyond the mason jar: Your planner can share unique ideas to make your vision a reality.

Etiquette ease: Answering etiquette questions is just one of your planner's helpful skills

Rehearse and relax: Running an efficient rehearsal and answering last-minute questions will make everyone feel calm and confident on the wedding day

We just love meetings (for real!). Your planner can attend meetings with potential vendors and ask important questions that you might not have thought of

Crushing that task list: Your planner is a mentor and a coach. They will be your cheer you on when you feel overwhelmed and can take action on your behalf.

Not so fast with the credit card! Your planner can help with budget.

Venue coordinator love...your venue coordinator is typically not a wedding planner. The venue coordinator is the expert in all things venue-related (staffing, serving, what the venue provides, venue rules, and MANY other important tasks) while your wedding planner is all-things-wedding specific. .

Give me a ring/text/email: Your planner is the main point of contact leading up to and on the wedding day. The vendors are a team working together to make your day perfect. Having one point of contact keeps things organized and gives you freedom to enjoy your day.

Pre-party...your wedding planner can help with rehearsal dinner planning.

Your wedding planner is super passionate about...you guessed it, weddings. Why not leave the planning to someone who does it all the time and has a passion for it?

No bands aids? No problem! Your planner will bring a wedding-ready kit to help you and your wedding party with any surprises. This bag of tricks may include fabric tape, a screwdriver, duct tape, snacks and hair spray.

Your planner will know the in's and out's of making your marriage legal - when to get your marriage license, where to get it, who needs to sign it, can your dog be your witness, can you self-solemnize?

We love problem-solving. Your planner will know about potential challenges from past experience and can avoid these pitfalls for you. They will find out what permits you may need, how to pin a boutonniere, what the rainy weather plan is, who to call for more ice and more . It's all about location. Your wedding planner will visit your venue ahead of time. Unless it's a destination wedding, of course! They will find out about rental rules, cake cutting fees, room capacities and parking

Contracts! Your planner will review your contracts to ensure they meet your expectations and needs.

Your planner will make you feel more at ease while keeping the joy and enthusiasm fresh for your big day!

With love, Sweetie Pie Weddings

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