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Creative proposal ideas

Holiday season is the peak time for proposals in the US! Thinking of proposing? Here are some creative inspos for popping the question.

  • the ring: don't be afraid of doing something different! Emeralds, morganite and sapphires are beautiful options. Emeralds are a symbol of truth and love, while sapphires attract blessings and abundance.

  • where to get engaged? in wintertime, cozy spots like heated yurts, cafes and boutique hotels are lovely ideas...or a hot springs, of course!

  • show your love in a way that honors your history...bring favorite snacks and drinks, and include favorite colors and fragrances

  • to photograph or not? If you decide to, choose a wedding photographer who is experienced and goes along with your vibe (moody, colorful, organic, or vintage)

  • hire a planner to help! A great planner (like Sweetie Pie Weddings) can bring your vision to life and make the day stress-free!

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